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This post is going to be an ongoing directory of promotional communities and directories for bloggers.

I have been slowly bookmarking various communities and directories for bloggers as I have been reading through other people’s blogs. It’s a frustrating process, particularly when you dimly remember there was a badge you wanted to check out and you can’t remember where it is, or the source code behind the badge doesn’t work! So I wanted to put everything I have found together in one spot so everyone interested can benefit.

Please add to this page: if you know of a directory / community / blog only search engine I have missed, please let me know in the comments and I will check it out and add it. I moderate all comments to reduce spam, so it won’t appear instantly.

P.S. I found this great picture of Rosie the Blogger on Pinterest. I have no idea of it’s source, so if you know, please tell me so I can attribute it properly. It’s brilliant! March 13th, finally found the original image source (minus the laptop and blogging graphics) thanks to Critters and Crayons on Pinterest. She was originally Rosie the Riveter, a U.S. cultural image representing the American women who worked in factories.

All the links below will open in a new window to take you to the page, plus I have left them in text form so you can print this post off or save it as a .pdf  Please note: I don’t use all these services, so I don’t know if they are good or bad. Use is solely at your own risk.

A word of wisdom, many of these directories want to know what your RSS feed is for your site. If you don’t know, try RSS include.

If you want to promote your site, you need as many options as possible: join by email, allow WordPress and Blogger Follow buttons, RSS feed, Networked Blogs, Google Friend Connect. Everything you can get your hands on. The more ways you have to connect, the more followers you will get. I get so frustrated when I see email sign up only on blogs. I need more options! My email is too cluttered for posts to be noticed.

Don’t forget to add your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and other social networking details so people can find you. It all helps. I know it looks scary, but many of these options are just copy and paste their code. You don’t have to be a web developer.

Blogging Communities

Blog Directories

Other Interesting Publishing and Promotion Ideas

  • Scoop It allows you to publish web magazines which you can use for promoting your work in an attractive manner. This is a cost for use service.
  • Paperli offers a similar service where you can promote your work or web pages you wish to pass on, in the form of a newspaper. I have had my tweets published in other people’s papers, which has given me promotion. I am unsure if there is a cost. The site was down for maintenance when I checked it.

Responsible Web Users

Take the pledge and add a Blog With Integrity badge to your site.

If you are sick of spammers, hackers and weirdos on the web, you may also like to join the Pledge Of Responsible Social Media Users on Causes. They have a badge, which again isn’t WordPress friendly. It will be fine on Blogger.

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