Word Count and #Writing Task Tracking: Handy #Apps

I have been trying to find an easy way to track my progress, not just in terms of word count, but all the tasks which go into writing. As I was loitering in the iTunes store, I noticed these apps which you may find helpful. If any of you have others to recommend, please let me know!

This first one would be useful if you want to see where you repeat words, overuse adverbs etc.

2014-01-03_13-27-49Text Analyzer is simple and feature rich application that allows you to calculate various useful statistics of a given text. It can extract and find different types of data(parts of speech, numbers, links, addresses e.t.c). You can also calculate count of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs e.t.c. The full list of features are as following:

* One touch words & character count and frequency calculation:
With One tap you will have all count and frequency information for every individual word or character

* Extracts and find following data from the given text including
i) Words, Characters, Sentences, Paragraphs, Lines
ii) Parts of speech: Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Pronouns, Determiners, Particles, Numbers, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections,
iii) Other data: Classifiers, Idioms, Sentence Terminators, Quotes, Word Joiners, Paragraph breaks e.t.c

* One touch stats summary: with one tap, it will generate all the stats and count of the above mentioned data.

* Search & Find: locate and find the matches of a given data within the text.

* Sort: sort summary & frequency data alphabetically or by frequency.”

2014-01-03_13-30-43Word Tracker: “Keep track of how FAST you wrote, WHEN you wrote and WHAT you wrote. Then you can look at how many words you’ve written today, how many hours you’ve spent writing and a whole host of other stats. If you want to track your writing, there is no better tool.

Here are a couple of the stats you can view:

- Total Hours
See how long you have spent on the entire project. A very useful stat to have for anyone who values their time!

- Percentage Completed
It’s great to watch as the percentage creeps up and up. Having an actual value for how much you have written is a great little piece of information to have.

- Best Words Per Hour
See how quickly you were writing at the fastest point during the project.”

2014-01-03_13-35-07“Word Count Dashboard is a fun and motivational tool to help you reach a writing goal. Part word count tracker, and part vision board, Word Count Dashboard lets you keep track of your progress as you write your project.


- Create a writing project with a target word count that you’re going to aim for.
– Enter your project’s new, total word count at the end of each day to keep track of your progress.
– Earn bronze, silver, and gold stars for your project depending on how much you write.
– Add a picture to the vision board (e.g. a mock-up cover for your novel) to help you visualise your goal.
– Give yourself from as little as a week to 999 days to achieve your target.
– Use the Word Count Dashboard reports to see the progress you’re making towards your target.
– See how much you have left to write as well as how much you need to write each day to reach your target.

Word Count Dashboard is designed to be a quick, and fun way of keeping on top of your daily writing targets.

Word Count Dashboard provides the same functionality as, but is not compatible with Word Count Dashboard for the Mac.” Sold separately. Batteries not included. ;-)

Goal Setting & Organisation Apps

I love these two:

opusdominimobilepro1024x1024-u4301Opus Domini for Mac, iPhone and iPad: “Opus Domini is as easy as writing a list on paper, but powerful enough to get you where you want to go. Instead of getting frustrated with endless task lists, our planner views will ensure no overbooking, completed items will keep you motivated and information on uncompleted tasks and goals will help you make adjustments & reach your goals.”

They have a section for goals, vision, mission statement, fitness goals and it will sync with iCal. I love it!

img_visualIf you have multiple books (which are projects) with individual tasks for each, use this one: iScope. Don’t let the “project management” label put you off: you can make it as simple as you like. The interface is beautiful and it’s cheap.

If you work on your own, get iScope 1: https://www.iscope2c.com/solo/

“Easily add new projects to iScope and edit their information.
– Manage your projects with the level of depth you need, some from the surface, some others with more details.
– Every project has an automated dashboard that updates as you add more tasks and content.
– Drag and drop project folders to re-order them.
With iScope, you can import files from your camera roll, dropbox account and iTunes Shared Folder
– Import all kind of images. PDF and MS Office documents (doc, xls & ppt)
– Export your attachments, by email or print them with AirPrint
– Works with Dropbox and Cloud technologies.”

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