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CRCF4Dim CoverEd2Creating and Resolving Conflict in Fiction

This book dissects conflict into its component parts; looks at how it works and helps you generate conflict plot-lines and themes which will add richness and realism to your work. The principles apply to any kind of fiction, regardless of the length, characters or genre. It is written by a writing teacher who also has a background in counselling.

Building Emotionally Realistic Characters

Review from Valerie Caraotta: “This resource is very good for writers because if the attempt is to build characters around certain emotional states it becomes imperative to accurately write a work of fiction that is realistic. Author Cate Russell-Cole shares the reality that what others see and hear must be something they have encountered and can relate to easily. Because it is critical to bring characters to life in a convincing way she provides the psychology behind various mental states including depression, grief, psychological shock, fear, shame, and also the severity of schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.

Emo4DimcoverEd2I greatly tuned my ears into all she offered when providing the characteristics of each state because she came from a counseling background. Knowing the duration of grief stages will help you create appropriate time frames built into novels. The reader will become much more engaged in your work and you will gain greater credibility.

This is a book that could revolutionize your writing and bring it to another level. There are other books in this series also worth considering. It is set at a bargain price for the information that will be presented.”

Whether you are writing fiction, memoir, poetry, short stories, plays, screenplays or music, the ability of your work to touch others depends on how they relate to the emotional messages you are conveying. What they see and hear must be something they have encountered and can relate to easily; or it must be shared in another way they can grasp. This e-book is a full of the incantations you need to bring your characters to life in a way that is emotionally realistic. There are no short cuts to “happily ever after” endings, which leave your plot line hollow and sounding fake. The book contains introductory level psychology which will give you an insight into how emotions and events weave us together into a whole or hurting person.

This is the second book in the Four Dimensional Characterisation Series.

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit

“Thanks, I enjoyed opening up to my creativity interesting that when I started looking into my own creativity I found a dearth of information and help just kind of flowed to me”

“Very enjoyable course; inspiring and motivating.”

This e-book will help you turn your dreams into reality! It explores the process and practical aspects of creativity; and has been written for artists, writers, musicians, dancers, gardeners, cooks, craft lovers: anyone trying to tap into their creative potential. It looks at the mental processing behind creativity; philosophies that drive how we think about and assess our creative worth; creative character traits; historical role models; an extensive bibliography and web link list and more. The content is practical, not just analytical. It will give you ideas on how to move forward in your creative life.

Topics covered include:

  • Capturing the Muse
  • Quieting the Internal Censor
  • Building A Creative Space
  • Working With Failure
  • Finding Direction
  • Techniques To Use

Phoenix Rising: Conquering the Stresses of the Writer’s Life

Phoenix Rising: Conquering the Stresses of the Writer’s Life, addresses the challenges and frustrations of writers in the digital age. It has been written for all genres of writers and all forms of publication. If your creative energy is low, your word count flagging or the downsides of being a writer are taking away your joy, this book will give you new strength and hope with which to spread your wings and find new freedom.

Chapters Include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Healing Creative Injuries
  • Bomb Proofing Your Writer’s Ego
  • Handling Criticism
  • Writers and Depression: Debunking the Stereotypes
  • Boosting Your Productivity

I chose the image and title of the phoenix rising from the ashes in response to the battles writers face. I personally relate to the need to choose to rise upwards: away from the fire and into a clear sky to start again.

Prayer Journal Workshop

Prayer Journal Workshop has been designed to encourage you to start and maintain your own prayer journal: a way of praying on paper. The workshop content is a mixture of inspiration, how-to and practical exercises. It is suitable for any age group, from fourteen years upwards. It is specifically Christian.

Phoenix Thriving: Conquering Stress and Burnout in the Blogging Life

3dpthriveI frequently hear complaints and pleas for help from highly stressed bloggers. As a coach and fellow writer, I have been doing my best to assist people, then decided to write a helpful ebook. “Phoenix Thriving: Conquering Stress and Burnout in the Blogging Life,” will help to ease the burden of writing, marketing, social media and the annoyances that fly in the faces of online writers.

This book is free if you buy a copy of “Phoenix Rising: Conquering the Stresses of the Writer’s Life.” Inside each of those books, next to the CommuniCATE Resources for Writers blog link, there is a code. Buy the book, find the code (it’s easy, it’s in the first few pages) and email me at the address at the base of this page. I will send you a copy of the new book by email. (Your address won’t be kept, used for promotion or sold.) So far, Phoenix Thriving is not available on Amazon. Soon I will make it available as a stand alone book, for sale on this site. The book is also available free with Unleashing Your Creative Spirit.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Creative myth busting;
  • Placing value on yourself as a writer, despite your level of success;
  • Dealing with writer’s burn out and social media demands;
  • Search Engine Optimisation versus originality;
  • A balanced approach to writing challenges online;
  • Marketing and people connections: the plus side and
  • When is it time to keep or ditch your blog?

ISBN 978-0-9873175-8-2

Savvy Blogging for Time Starved Writers

Savvy Blogging for Time Starved Writers is a free.pdf ebook, containing the best blogging posts which have appeared on CommuniCATE Resources for Writers. It places them together in one handy, downloadable volume from this link. It is not available commercially and cannot be found on Amazon.

Chapters Include:

  • Blog Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Get Yourself A Second Brain
  • Slack, Fake and Egocentric Followers: How to Pick Them!
  • Blog Post Promotion on Social Media: Instantly Hooking Reader Attention
  • Sometimes, It Just Goes Wrong: When to Ditch!
  • The Best Kept Editing Secret
  • 10% On Top: Being a More Efficient Writer
  • Professional, Effective Author Sites: The Problems With Using Blogs
  • Cleaning the Cobwebs Out of Blogs: Reader Engagement and Content Value
  • Guest Posting as Advertising: How To Be Professional and Be Asked Back
  • Your Individuality is Your Greatest Asset: Writing and Marketing as You
  • Faulty-Tasking
  • The Road to Success is Paved by Free-Sharing

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