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A quick note: this blog is Australian, so you will find Australian spelling in posts: ‘our not or'; ‘z not s’. Also, posts are not in chronological order. Some were shuffled when two blogs were amalgamated and out-of-date posts are frequently removed. Cheers!

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Fair Usage Terms on Blog Content and Images

With the exception of clearly attributed guest posts, all other posts and articles found on this blog and/or this web site are Copyright Cate Russell-Cole 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Web pages are updated and re-copywritten every year. Some blog posts on the CommuniCATE Resources for Writers blog are free for reproduction, whether that be in print, audio or any other digital form (including pdf, jpg, png etc.) as long as my name as author, is attributed to the work. They will be clearly marked with Creative Commons codes, with details on your limitations attached.

As stated on the page, you are free to use ONLY the Reblog feature (available to my blog followers only), to reblog posts only ONLY: unless a post has specifically requested you do not do so. Copyright will still belong to me. Using this feature will direct traffic to both our blogs.

Most of the articles or posts are not free for any kind of reproduction, in part or full, whether that be in print, audio or any other digital form (including pdf, jpg, png etc.), without my prior written consent. Please check the Copyright details on the base of each post. If you don’t see a Copyright notice, then reproduction is welcome. You may not reproduce any guest post or portion of their work, without contacting them and gaining their permission first.

Sharing through online and outside the Internet by providing links and Pinterest pins (Pinterest and similar sites only) is most welcome.
Regarding images: NO image found on this blog is to be considered free for your own use. Clicking on an image will take you back to its originating source. If I have been unable to find the source, I will state that. If that image is yours, please let me know so I can attribute it to you and immediately rectify any unintentional copyright infringement.

  • The clearly marked iStock photo images are paid for and licensed to me. Under no circumstances may you copy, capture or alter them for your own use, commercial or non-commercial. In doing so, you risk legal action against you from for copyright infringement.
  • Images from writing initiatives such as ROW80, NaNoWriMo etc. are generally made available for anyone’s use, however, you need to click on the image and go back to the originating site to ensure you have not infringed their copyright.
  • Some images on this blog have come from when the images were available as free. Photos8 has now gone commercial, however, the images used are not pirated. When downloaded, as stated, they were free for use and only appear on older posts.


I check the Internet for copyright infringements periodically based on title, links, selections of blog text. You will be discovered. I am not a hobby blogger, this is a business and I must protect my income.

Content Liability

No liability will be accepted for your use of any of the content of this blog for any purpose, or any of the content on the linked web sites. Your visits here, followed links, your experiences with any services or individuals on the linked sites and use of the information on this blog, my web site or other linked sites is solely at your own risk.

The accuracy of any of the information on this blog may change with time. I will do my utmost to ensure old posts are up to date, but do not guarantee accuracy and will not be held liable for inaccurate information or non-functioning links to external sites, which have removed their content or ceased to exist.

Some content in this blog is aimed at assisting fiction writers in correctly depicting real life experiences, whether emotional, physical or spiritual. Articles and posts may contain brief, non-clinical introductions to topics such as depression, shock, grief, abuse, disappointment, discouragement etc. They are in no way meant to be used as clinical advice, or guidance in how to manage or cope with any emotional, physical or spiritual challenges or issues you have had, or are now experiencing. Please consider what you read carefully, seek local professional help. Thank you.

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