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artioscommavatarCate Russell-Cole is a qualified Creativity Coach and Social Worker, who is fascinated with the psychological and technical aspects of the writing process, characterisation and the overall science of creativity. She has a love of the science fiction – fantasy genre and has been writing diaries, appalling poetry and short stories since she was a child. Cate lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two cats and habitually writes everything in Australian English.

Over her career, she has researched, written and taught five creativity-orientated courses; worked as a freelance writer and has authored ten non-fiction books. Privately, she is a science fiction/ fantasy author who is working on The Chronicles of Mirchar Series. The first book, The Dragon Tree, is tentatively scheduled for release in late 2014.

Cate writes and coaches online to an International audience, providing both how-to resources and writer support. Cate also teaches in Brisbane, through her small business, Artios Communications, with both Local Government and private training providers. More information can be found on her web site.



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Books are available from her site in .pdf format, or visit Cate’s Amazon Kindle Author Page.

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Praise for Cate’s Work

“I’ve enjoyed each of your psychology-based writing posts. They are an excellent resource to reflect back on my characters and how they’ve reacted / will react, and whether I’ve given them enough layers to make them feel real to readers – even when they don’t feel real to themselves. Keep ‘em coming!”
Shelly Immel, Fiction Writer and Founder of The Big Life Project

“Cate, As a memoir writer, I have to be able to get back into my own head to convey the essence of the truth and reality of past experiences to make them real to the reader. These writing posts are valuable resources for any genre. Thank you!”
Kathleen Pooler, Memoir Writer

Additional Blog Love:

I like your brief plot and character novel-writing suggestions. Joanne

VERY powerful thoughts that I can relate directly to. Thank you so much! Jeff

It’s funny how you get things right when you need them. Earlier today, I was pondering how I was going to set up a conversation between two characters which needs to lead to a misunderstanding, a sort of on purpose misunderstanding on one of the character’s parts. Then, I got your email. Your list of filters was hugely helpful!! Thanks so much. Amy

cropped-bloggerheader20152.jpgThis is an important blog. I’ve been through many losses and lost another loved one this week. There was no way I could engage in social media at that time, though I could do tasks that were more rote. I’ve found time doesn’t heal but it does help us to manage. And in the long run as I work through the grief, the process and the feelings I learn to cope with make me a better writer. Karen

I really love how you apply the grieving process to writing. This post was very helpful for me, thanks! Michele

Wow- The breakdown of the different types of power is really interesting! I hadn’t thought of it in those terms… Christy

“People behave in patterns,” what an interesting way to develop characters. This post really made me think about that extra dimension. Writing Sisters

I feel like you wrote this post for me. Thank you for reminding me why I blog. I was slowly falling into robot trap. Angie


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