Compliments and a Creative, Community Promotion Idea

badge-ambassador-programThe whole purpose of this blog and most of my work, is to encourage people. Look above you. It says so in my header. So when I am recognised and thanked for doing that, it deeply touches my heart and makes the many hours of work worthwhile. I am proudly wearing this badge on the blog and it will also go onto my web site.

You know something? This is a double blessing, as when I looked at the badge, I realised what a great idea it is forĀ building support. Vicki’s act of recognition is also practical inspiration.

Vicki has been a friend and a follower for a year or two now. I love the work she does and her positive, uplifting Facebook posts. Vicki is challenged with bipolar disorder and does an incredibly good job of coping with it and achieving her goals, regardless of the hurdles the condition flings onto her path. She wrote me a guest post on her journey back in January. You can read it here.

Please stop as you go through the motions of blogging and social media today, and see what you can do to support and encourage someone else. It does take more time and a modest investment of effort, but it’s worth it!

Thank you Vicki.


What is Writecovery?… Words Heal

We work with those recovering from or living with a range of tough personal challenges who struggle with distress, poor quality of life, dissatisfaction, and discouraging health issues, and would like to have a better attitude, enjoy a better quality of life, and be more positive. What makes WRITECOVERY, INC., different is that we are self-guided, private, safe, and secure and because of this, our clients receive an advantage of a safe environment for renewal and transformation to a more joyful life. Read more here.

8 thoughts on “Compliments and a Creative, Community Promotion Idea

  1. Cate, you’re a wonderful person, and if I were in person, I’d give you a great big hug, well, a gentle one, as I know you’ve been ill recently and I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt you. You’re so great and beautiful. I think you’re a perfect Ambassador for WRITECOVERY.


  2. Vicki is truly one of the most remarkable and lovely people I have had the pleasure to meet. As a therapeutic writing coach, she has talent in bucket loads… and without question is ideally and suitably qualified to help those who suffer to find the self acceptance, love and support required to better manage and enjoy the relationship they have, both with themselves and those around them.


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